Exiled by M R Merrick Review – By Lauren

I read this with recommendations from Dayna as per. She actually said she didn’t now whether it was my type of book and it wasn’t. However that doesn’t me I didn’t like because I did!

In a few words : Chase is a demon hunter and is exiled from the circle. Chase meets Rayna and Marcus whilst killing vampires. Turns out Marcus knew his father and mother. Rayna is a weird one. She is a witch but very much like me minus the magic so I really liked the character! The characters are very well-developed, they all have a little something about them that makes them different. I loved how he developed the demons, they were slightly different from your every day demon’s. (ha because we do have them you know!) I wanted more of Marcus/Tessa because it was sooo cute. The good thing about Exiled is the humor and relate-ability! I laughed out loud quite a few times.

I was hooked from the beginning, it seemed to be my type of book. Then about 60% the way through it turned rather Buffy-ish as Dayna has said. Now I am not a fan of Buffy so it kind of put me off a bit but I still liked the story.

Then the very last few pages, it turned around again. It returned to the more serious supernatural/paranormal side of the book. The side which I like. So I cannot say I loved it and I cannot say I didn’t. I am in between. I would recommend people to read it, its such an easy and enjoyable read. It’s written very well and I think Merrick is a terrific writer. There is something about his story that made it different.

You can see a more in-depth review here by Dayna.


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