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This episode was so much of an improvement from episode 2! It was all about what Torchwood is about – living on the edge, fights, sneaking around! it was great!

The main plot of the episode was very much linked form last week when the doctors found out that they would need to manufacture more drugs to cope with the growing population of the world. In the last episode i was questioning who  Jilly Kitzinger was and in this episode i am coming to the conclusion that she is clearly linked to the scandal of drug company. Jilly invites Dr Vera to a ”meeting” at her central working place but when Vera asks Rex to tag along things go pear shaped. Dr Vera has actually been taken to a presentation all about the demand for drugs AND instead of Rex turning up Gwen enters the building in order to hack Jilly’s computer. Meanwhile another star of the show who we all hate – Oswald Danes has been making TV broadcasts all over the world to say how he thinks you should not have a prescription to get access to drugs. Oswald has also faced some haters who beat him up at the side of the road and Jack and Rex get a little bit involved (but not with each other!).

I found this episode very gripping and was a triumph compared to last weeks episode. I enjoyed seeing the return of the cyber contact lenses that Gwen had kept and felt at ease when Torchwood started to solve ”Miracle Day” rather than Dr Vera and her panel of doctors. I did think that some of the more sexual scenes may not have been appropriate (Jack and the barman), especially as it was just after the watershed, but i can see what the message of the scene was. I also like how this episode was more beleivable…seeing Esther upset about leaving her home and family to be a part of Torchwood, seeing people annoyed that Oswald was still free – it just all added to the effect. Rex’s character, i know, is someone who many of you don’t like due to his personality of being cockey and quite ignorant. I agree with you all but i think in this episode there was room for Rex to have these traits as it proved that Torchwood can handle situations like this by themselves. I am beginning to really like the character of Esther, i loved the scene between her and Gwen at around 20mins into the episode..very emotional and some outstanding acting on Alexa Havins part.

I was happy to see that the comedy in this episode was toned down in comparison to episode 2. I think the main gags were Esther correcting Gwen with lemonade being flat, ATMs, Cell Phones etc. i really liked that realistic touch that everyone in the UK/US can relate to! My only concerns for the upcoming episodes is that Torchwood: Miracle Day lasts 10 episodes..and i am intrigued to see how far they can make this story line effectively last. Your comments?

here is the bbc trailer for next weeks episode:


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  1. I very much like the way Eve Myles has strengthened her character Gwen such that she is now so much stronger, more resourceful and “in the know” compared to the new American recruits. It would appear that Davros was right when he implied that anyone having any connection with the Doctor effectively became a weapon. Although she has never met the Doctor in person Torchwood has taught her a lot. I hope to hear more references made about Torchwood, the Doctor and Gwen’s part in defeating the Daleks when they stole and invaded Earth. The new recruits should know of the invasion but not of Gwen’s and Captain Jack’s part in their defeat. I also like the steady stream of sniping remarks within the team, about flat and fizzy drinks and driving on the wrong side of the road. It makes the characters seem more human. Of course Captain Jack knows so much more (as does the audience) about Torchwoods activities, but I don’t think he is aware that it was Rose Tyler who gave him his Immortality.


    • Thanks for you contribution Pike. i agree, the references to the lemonade do make the characters seem more human, especially when they are in such a bizzare situation. And Yes! the dilemma as to when Jack will find out that Rose gave him immortality!


  2. I love Torchwood and have watched every episode religously until this one. I’ve missed all of this latest series and i’m totally gutted by it. 😦


  3. I’ve never missed a single episode of torchwood until this series. Totally gutted I’ve missed them all as by all accounts this series is much better than previous series. 😦


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