Torchwood: Miracle Day (episode 2) Review – Steph

So, after the cliff hanger Torchwood left last week I was hoping for something bigger and more exciting than episode one. I was slightly disappointed that this weeks episode was more about talking and resolving the problem of ”Miracle Day” although I am aware that you can’t always have chases, helicopters etc.

In this episode the CIA agent Rex Matheson is taking Torchwood – Jack and Gwen back to America where he says they will be interrogated as he thinks Torchwood is the cause  ”Miracle Day”. In this episode i began to dislike the collaboration between Cymru Wales with Starz. When I was reading your comments I could see where you all were coming from and as I was watching this episode i could clearly see your arguments. In this episode Jack and Gwen (Torchwood) were not solving the problem of ”Miracle Day” but it was the doctors – some of whom were irrelevant as we only met them in this episode, therefore making less of an impact on the target audience <– yes, I am referring to the man with the iPad. I missed the old Torchwood.

However, on the more positive note..

I enjoyed how Russell T Davis added a twist to the story by making the CIA want to get rid of anyone who has been in contact with Torchwood (Rex and Esther) as this gave more substance to the episode, i particularly enjoyed when Rex’s co-worker from the CIA poisoned Jack (the last mortal) with arsenic. In my opinion the main event of the episode was Gwen creating the antidote for Jacks arsenic poisoning which resulted in her tearing the plane apart, the in which they were being taken to the States in. I also enjoyed how Russell T Davis added some lighter jokes to the episode such as the dilemma as to whether the air steward was gay or not and also the fact that he wasn’t allowed to talk to Jack or Gwen. However i found that at one point Davis may have gone one too many with the jokes and started to turn the situation into a scene from a comedy.

A few questions were risen during this episode..Who is the woman who is handing out business cards to Oswald Danes and the Dr? Why is the CIA trying to get rid of Esther and Rex and Torchwood? What is going on with Oswald Danes? I am beginning to feel quite uneasy with Danes, he makes me feel on edge, so great acting there! I also found this episode quite emotional, for instance when Gwen is taken away from her husband and daughter – Eve Myles really conveyed that anxiety and pain well! and overall this scene was very tense.

I was hoping for some more gore in this episode as there was so much in the previous one but to my dismay there was only snapshots of the first episode in the beginning and towards the end when we see that Rex’s co-worker (he broke her neck) has her head back to front. Hopefully next week’s episode will go back to the normal Torchwood standards!

Overall this episode was good. Yes, it was exciting but not to the level that episode one was. However the trailer for next week looks a lot better!

I would just like to thank everyone who commented and shared my last Miracle Day review. I enjoyed reading all of your feedback and i would love it if you could discuss Torchwood more in the comments below! i would also like to thank the SLOFL team for checking stats and sites for me while i was on holiday, i came home to the surprise of being mentioned on the BBC website, all of your comments on my review AND the fact that my review had over 600 views!! THANK YOU! -S

here is the starz episode 2 trailer

here is the episode 3 bbc trailer

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