Immortal Beloved by Katie M John Review – By Lauren

 Immortal Beloved is the follow up to The Forest of Adventures. If you follow us on Twitter you will know that me and Dayna love this author!  I had the chance to beta read this for Katie M John so here is my review!

 Now Blake has gone, Mina is left alone. Now its time for the next installment where it’s up to Mina to save Blake along with her ex boyfriend Sam and best friend Delta’s help!

 The beginning is very powerful, strong, effective and I feel sorry for Mina. I love Mina and Delta’s relationship and I can tell it will be strong. Through the beginning of the book I started to feel very attached to Mina, like she is my sister, I want to protect her. I think everybody can relate to the pain Mina feels, I just wanted to hug her so bad!!

 My heart broke when she received the news that Blake is dead. I wanted to whisper ‘ he isn’t dead’.

 Then the fun starts, Mina, Sam and Delta go to Egypt to save Blake. Mina starts to realise the power that The Realm holds. This is where Blake comes into the book. He has little passages where we can see his feelings, whats happening to him. I really likes that because we the readers knew more of what was happening to them but had to keep reading to see what was about to happen! Does that make sense? I doubt it. It also shows a lot of what Vivien meant without giving away anything at all!

  I like how descriptive the chapters are. They really do set the scene and allow me to feel what they are all feeling. Many different descriptive words are used, no repeated words which makes it very strong. It is a very strong book! Throughout the book little hieroglyphics pop up this is sooo cool!!

 I love Delta and Sam together!!! Delta is beyond hilarious! You can tell she loves him really. I can relate a lot to her. Her character is mysterious but open. I would love to know more about her and her past. I couldn’t imagine Daisy in Delta’s position at all. Wouldn’t even want to imagine!

One thing I liked about this book was how Mina has remained Mina and not ‘ Realm-ish’ at all. Some books I have read turn that main character and adapt them to the circumstance they are in and I don’t like it. I love Mina’s innocence and determination. It’s cute.

One of my happy moments of this book was when Mina and Blake consummate – beautiful and when they return to the training yard, I was in stitches. Absolutely hilarious!

The ending was amazing, confusing. I have so many thoughts; is she or isn’t she? What’s really going on? If Vivien knew, why didn’t she tell Mina? I was panicking! The whole series so far has been so real to me. This one in particular – I had to remind myself its not real! I felt as though I was a reading a biography of Mina’s life!

I rate this 5/5!


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