Beastly by Alex Flinn review + a bit of a rant! by Lauren

Kimi recommended this for me to read. I wanted to read the book more than see the movie. I was bored last weekend and not feeling so good so I picked it up and couldn’t put it down! It’s such an easy read, simple and keeps you guessing.

 If you didn’t know, it’s a modern story of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. One of my favorite childhood stories!

 Kyle Kingsbury has everything and knows it! A spell cast on him which turns him into a beast to teach him a lesson. He has 2 years to find true love. If he doesn’t then he is a beast forever. Simple? Of course not. It takes a while to Kyle now known as Adrian to find love, there are lots of lessons learn’t on the path to love.

 I didn’t think I would enjoy this book, it is the kind of book where you need to be in the mood for something light-hearted I am glad I read this book but I won’t be watching the film. It was a bit cheesy but then again it is a fairytale. The lessons that Kyle learnt throughout the story are very interesting lessons that a lot of people are yet to learn.

 I also liked how Flinn delved into to history beyond the fairy tale and looked at the fables that were told before Disney. I found it very interesting how Finn developed the story back into a modern-day tale.

 Now my thought on the subject. I think it is very important to learn the lessons that looks don’t count. I once watched a TV show about how the perfect human being was created. The story that was told was that a scientist (can’t remember which one) believed that a perfect beautiful person is perfectly symmetrical throughout their face and body. What I would like to know is who said he is right? If looks were the only thing that mattered about life then why do we have a soul, feelings etc.

 In the book, Kyle’s father hired him a blind tutor. He likes Kyle for who he was. Again this happens in everyday life and proves the scientists wrong in my opinion. I don’t understand how you can distinguish who is a good person or not by their looks! This is where bullying comes from. The misconceptions have basically turned the world into a horrible place where the word “Ugly’ exists. I think it should be banned. I do not know one person who has not been called ugly, stupid, horrible etc and it is disgusting that people are stupid enough to believe beauty counts 100%. Then again you have all the media teaching children that weight, race, sex, hair, make-up  etc matters, I just believe it’s wrong and even though this story is fiction, it still highlights the true problems in this world!

 I rate this book 5/5 for the story, the real meanings and the fact that I would read this over and over again to remind myself I am beautiful!


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