Torchwood: Miracle Day Review by Steph

Today on BBC1 was the comeback of the much-loved TV series ”Torchwood” written by the ex doctor who writer Russel T Davis. The show bases around an institution that protects the world from everything evil, supernatural and alien.

The series was originally by Cymru Wales but Cymru has now teamed up with the American channel starz which is probably a contributing factor that this storyline is based in the US.

We now find out that Torchwood has closed down and Gwen, the female lead is hiding in a small coastal house with her husband and her new daughter. Jack on the other hand has taken a new name and is in the FBI, or what have you! Gwen is a completely different character and is now afraid of Torchwood and if anyone knocks of her door she assumes they are planning to hurt her and approach her with a gun.

The main story to this ongoing episode is that since 22:36pm on sunday night there had been no deaths on planet earth. This started when a convicted Paedophile and murderer Oswald Danes was sentenced to receive the lethal injection, but when the fluid entered his body the only effect it had on him was a spasm attack. He remained alive. Another case was when a CIA agent, Rex was on his phone while driving and collided with a lorry carrying metal poles. A pole went straight through his upper torso, yet he survived. So, after 22:36pm people were beginning to call this day ”Miracle Day” and thought of this as being evolution or God’s blessing. Rex soon becomes aware of what has happened and knows that he should be dead, he wants to get to the bottom of this and end miracle day. The state of the world with miracle day would mean that civilisation would only last 4 months before food ran out and people could no longer survive.

What Rex hasn’t figured out yet is at 22:36pm on that same sunday a virus hit the CIA computers with one word..Torchwood. When his co worker points this out Rex abandons his hospital bed and catches the first plane to Heathrow to hunt down Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness. Gwen is terrified that someone has found her and her family and tries to pack up and leave her family home. However, a helicopter emerges and starts to attack the house….

But Hooray Jack is to the rescue and reunites with Gwen after a year of being apart! they bring down the helicopter and head back into Cardiff to help Rex find out what is happening to the human race. Gwen and Jack do not realise that Rex has doubled crossed them (in some way) and he extradites them to the CIA in America!

That was just a brief synopsis of what happened and do remember that this episode continues next thursday at 9pm on BBC1 in the UK. This episode was a great comeback for Russell T Davis and the gang, it brought everything that Torchwood is about and more. Now it has teamed up with the US it most probably has a larger budget and now the programme seems to have more of a cinematic effect. Unlike ”Doctor Who” i think Torchwood has benefited from the team up. I do think that this programme has kept its goriness to the max – especially when a blown-up, char-grilled body is still alive and conscious – even with its head cut off! To be truthful, i don’t think you need to have watched the previous series of Torchwood as this episode was easily accessible. So, if you have nothing to watch on thursday nights – Watch Torchwood and you are sure to have some ”hide behind your sofa” moments!

you can watch the episode ”Miracle Day” on BBC iPlayer here

here is a BBC1 trailer of the episode

here is the US Starz trailer

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  1. I quite enjoyed this, although I thought it wouldn’t have been too much of a challenge for people to work out if they can still recover from injuries. Fun to watch someone snipping the remaining tissue that was holding the head to a suicide bomber’s carcass though! Ewww!!! Can’t quite work out why people are still pointing guns and shooting at each other if nobody can die as a result, and apparently after the helicopter incident on the beach, take a few bullets in the chest and then still carry on shooting back.


  2. didnt like it at all, sorry if anyone doesnt like what i say, but this has completely destroyed the show, the americans have destroyed it completely. i for one will not be watching it again. thanks for taking away what was a very loved show 😦


  3. This is the worst american drivel. Why have the BBC sold out like this, it would have been better left alone! Stopped watching mid-way through Ep2. Just another americanised drama “Terminator Chronicles”, “The Event”, all over again with our great Torchwood characters reduced to this tripe. Shame on you BBC.


  4. Truly dreadful.

    What happened to the gritty Welsh edge (OK Camp Scottish/American for JB), now it’s just over blown Americans saving the world.. Question: how to kill a programme; Answer: let Russell T Davies loose in the US.

    Shame on the BBC, indeed.


  5. I used to enjoy Torchwood, but I wont bother to watch the rest of this drivel.


  6. Am still watching, but why have the BBC given the americans so much input, it’s not so good anymore.


  7. The Fan of Boe

    Mekhi Phifer is ruining the show for me. If I wasn’t already a Torchwood/Dr. Who fan, I would have stopped watching the show after the first episode.

    Not only is Phifer’s interpretation of the character rude (which he is), he also comes across as unpolished, crude, unintelligent, and uncharismatic. A character can get away with being rude and torchered, so long as the actor plays him as charming and smart. Unfortunately, Phifer’s portayal is neither charming nor smart (nor is it funny, at all). It’s simply not believable that someone like him would be a relatively high ranking federal agent.


  8. Thank you all for contributing to this topic so far! It’s interesting to see all of your opinions! I agree to an extent that Torchwood has now become more of an American programme with more American input e.g where the episode is set. However, don’t you think that without the contract with the States, would the big cinematic effects/ scenes be to the same standard? I am indifferent. My Miracle day pt2 review has more of a critical view of episode 2 which relates well to @thefanofboe so if you check it out you will see that my opinion of the new Torchwood has slightly changed! you lot are such influencers! S


  9. After seeing the third episode, in my opinion, the name should be changed to firewood. Then torch the wood and be over and done with it.


  10. you have seen the third? I thought the trailer for the next episode showed more of a darker storyline…please be considerate of other users and do not post spoilers! much appreciated! but thank you very much for the input – looking forward to episode 3 and writing about it!


  11. I just wish RTD would come back to Dr Who-can’t make head nor tail of it these days-far too clever for its own good..


  12. This show is disgusting. We stopped watching half way through the show because of the gay bar scene. Why add this kind of perversion.


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