Chopped and Changed, is it for you?

Lately some well known celebs have chopped and changed their barnets! It seems to be quite a fashion lately to have short and cropped do’s. But why are they so appealing? easier to manage? you don’t get hot in the summer? I personally don’t know, i wouldn’t cut my hair as i think my face is too big!

here are some of the celebs who have chopped and changed!

Cheryl Cole has gone from her luscious long brown locks to a short, blonde, Jennifer Aniston like do.

Dakota Fanning has gone from her blonde hair to a cropped do!

Emma Watson went from her Hermione like Locks to her cropped short hair last year

Cher Lloyd went form her Cheryl like hair to Rihanna like hair and now she has it shaved!

Let us know what you think about these drastic changes!

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