House of Night 1-3 review by Lauren

I’m a late read on this series as about a year ago, Dayna sent me a list of recommended reads. HoN was listed but I wasn’t eager to read them as there is 9 books and I already had about 40 books to read. Then a few months ago I went into a charity store and had a browse through and the first three books were there so I decided to pick them up. They stayed on my shelf for a few weeks then I decided to pick Marked up as I fancied a light read. It was definitely a light read.

I have to say even though the storyline is a well known genre it was unique. I came across things about vampyres I had never read or seen before. It provides common misinterpretation of vampyres but it also connects them to history and myths. Yes yes I know I sound like vampyres are real…..I shall leave that for another debate!

I loved the openness of vamps in this series. The fact that they refereed to most hollywood stars as vamps is quite believable as in fact they are beautiful and ageless. That made me giggle! I do love when you get a character like Zoey where you know she is special and powerful but you have no idea where it is leading too. I also love the normalness of how the school is actually a school with real classes. Take out the vamps and its a typical high school.

From the first 3 books I found it is very different not just the paranormal romance. There is defintley something deeper and more meaningful about the story but as I wont be finishing the series I will never find out.

Throughout Marked I had a terrible feeling something bad was going to happen to Stevie Rae and that Nala will become a talking cat or something. Then throughout Betrayed I could see what was coming. I already hated Neferet and I seen what the authors tried to do my hiding their real motives but I’m afraid I saw straight through it. I didn’t expect the whole plot to be what it was though.

I liked the symbolicness of the Dark Daughters however I liked Aphrodite I saw she was going to be different. I read book 2 and half of 3 in 24 hours. Normally this is a good sign but I didn’t own books 4-8 so I didn’t immediately start to read them. I am borrowing them off a friend but if I did own the I think I would still be reading the series. However because I don’t own the rest I don’t feel the need to read them. Maybe when I run out of light reads I may get them off my friend but we shall see.

I think Chosen was my favorite book. It got series at this point. I loved how the elements of the earth were brought into it. It started to unfold in book 3 but I have a feeling once I read 4 I will know what will happen and so on with 5,6,7 and 8.

So overall I enjoyed the 3 that I did read and I will most likely enjoy the rest but I am in no hurry to read them. Maybe I will take the rest to South Africa with me when I will have lots of reading time after work. I would recommend these to you all if you liked The Immortals by Alyson Noel it is a very similar read. Not story line but very young, simple and after all it is a YA so you get what all YA novels have. However one thing I disliked was the way the authors refereed to sex. Forever describing blowjobs, groping etc in detail and I don’t feel that book likes these need that. I am very prude I hate anything like that in YA novels.

I rate this book 3.5 / 5.


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