Lindsey Kelk Interview

Lindsey Kelk, author of the “I Heart…” series, and “The Single Girls To Do List” has very kindly agreed to do a short interview for us, to coincide with the giveaway we have launched. Have a read of my interview with Lindsey below. (please note, this was conducted via email, not face2face or over the phone) – Kimi xoxo

Interview with Lindsey Kelk

KB = Kimi

LK = Lindsey Kelk

KB: After writing the successful, and amazing, “I Heart…” series, what made you step away from Angela, Alex and Jenny, and write a different novel?

LK: There were a couple of reasons really. I’d written so much I Heart stuff I wanted to give the characters a break before people got bored of them, plus I wanted to see if I could even write any others! My brain is so full of Angela all the time… and also, I had stories I wanted to tell that didn’t fit in the I Heart universe so I needed to go back to the beginning. Fingers crossed it worked. When I was writing The Single Girl’s To-Do List I was so worried but I’m incredibly proud of it now, I think it’s probably my best book.

KB: Is “Single Girls…” going to be a one off novel, or are we going to be reading about the further adventures of Redhead Rachel?

LK: One off, definitely but that doesn’t mean the characters won’t pop up somewhere else one day…

KB: I’ve had a “Bucket List” for a few years, and Rachel has one, do you? If so, have you crossed anything off it recently?

LK: I love writing lists but they’re usually more short term, like ‘go to the post office’ and ‘reply to that email’. My last longer term list pretty much said ‘learn to drive, write a book and move toNew York’. It’s SO weird to me now that I’ve done all those things! Other than that, I copied a few of Rachel’s, I dyed my hair red, got a new tattoo, bought an indecent number of clothes… that kind of thing.

KB: Is there anything you can tell us about your next Angela book, “I Heart Vegas”?

LK: Ooh, it’s all still quite a mystery to me! Um, the gang all head off to Vegas, someone ends up in a wedding chapel, someone ends up single and we see some old faces as well as some new ones. That’s all I can say!

KB I’m a big fan of the Beauty Mecca section of your blog, and it got me thinking…if you could only use one beauty product from now on, which one would you choose?

LK: Ooh, thanks! I love it, honestly, I’m so unhealthy obsessed with make up. One product? ONE? That’s so mean… OK, I’ve thought about it probably mascara. It makes such a huge difference to how you look. But then I’d have to choose a mascara… Jeeeeeeeez…

KB: Who would you say were your inspirations, either in life or in writing?

LK: Honestly, and this is going to sound so cheesy (because I am these days) it’s my friends. I am so incredibly lucky to have the most amazing people in my life and they’re all pursuing their ambitions and really fighting for what they want. It encourages me to do the same.
KB: Ebooks are becoming ever more popular, and you released “Jenny Lopez Had A Bad Week” exclusively on ebook, but we prefer to have a hard copy of a novel to hand…which do you prefer, ebooks or real books?

LK: I love my Kindle but nothing beats a real book. The Jenny book came about because I wanted to do something for the I Heart fans who had waited so long for a new book. We obviously couldn’t put out two books at once so decided on a Jenny-centric short story (because I love her) and since it’s nigh on impossible to publish short stories these days, we had to do it as a download. We’re still looking at ways to get it out to non-e readers and international fans – I felt terrible, the idea was that it was supposed to be a free thank you and I worked myself blind to get it done on time (my roommate will confirm this) and then so many people were upset that they couldn’t read it. Fingers crossed we’ll find a way…

KB: Have you read any books recently which blew you away, and that you’d recommend for us to read (and review)?

LK: I LOVE to read but when I’m writing, I really can’t. Firstly, no time and secondly, I worry that I’ll start being influence by the writing style so I have to steer clear. That said, I loved Room by Emma Donoghue and recently read The Great Gatsby for the first time, amazing. I made time in my schedule for Sweet Valley Confidential and – even as someone who feels awful about negative reviews – I wish I hadn’t. Heartbroken. Oh, and if you like YA horror, check out Will Hill’s Department 19. I have to say that because I’m staying with him and my friend and he’s sat right in front of me. It’s very good. I even paid for it. He owes me a drink.


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