Bridesmaids Review – By Lauren

Bridesmaids is about Annie who is a maid of honor for her best friend Lillian, but Annie’s life is falling apart. She tried her best to be the best maid of honor possible but it just falls to bits as Lillian’s new best friend Helen (Rose Byrne) is rich, beautiful and very close to Lillian. The rivalry begins to win the title of best friend!

As Annie’s life is falling to pieces so is the bridal shower! Annie’ takes the girls for a meal at a restaurant before a dress fitting and they end up being poisoned! They all fall very very sick in the expensive store which Annie couldn’t actually get them into it was Helen who knew a worker there! They ruined the shop’s bathroom and dressed. As Lillian wore a vintage dress so developed the food poisoning and had to run out the shop to a bathroom over the road but got caught short – Yes in the middle of the road!!

Then they go to Vegas. Annie is terrified of flying so Helen gives her something to help her relax but it didn’t work. Helen also give her a scotch which kick started the relaxant and Annie ended up very very high on the flight and they ended up getting arrested and sent back to Chicago! At this point Lillian had had enough and demoted her! Helen took over the plans and planned a very ravish bridal shower but at last minute Lillian went missing! This film is absolutely hilarious! I couldn’t pick my favorite part. You have to go and see it. Such a feel good movie with a happy ending! My favorite is Megan (Melissa McCarthy) she is beyond funny! I so want her at my bridal shower!!  I never stopped laughing throughout! The trailer I saw on UK TV has non of the scenes actually showed in the movie so everything was fresh as some comedies show the best bits in the trailers. I rate this 5/5!


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  1. Saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was the best comedy film I’ve seen in ages. Yeah it maybe a chic flick but so what. I like some chic flicks. My favourite moments? Well I’ve got a few of them. Amongst them is the bridesmaides dress fitting scene just after they all leave the restauraunt and the mad dash for the toilets, the scene where Annie is trying so hard to get her policeman boyfreind back and commiting every driving crime she can think of and the bathroom scene in vegas with the tiger. It’s a film that definately appeals to my sense of humour.


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