Take That Progress Tour review by Kimi

Take That Progress Tour – June 12th 2011 

Sunday June 12th, me and my cousin’s little girl Bethany made our way to the City of Manchester Stadium to see Take That on their Progress tour. I’d been so excited for this since Christmas, and I was really looking forward to seeing the original Take That back together with Robbie.

 We tried to get there early to be able to get a lower tiered seat, because they were unreserved, but my cousin couldn’t pick me up until 20 to 5, when the doors opened at 5, so by the time I got my t-shirt and hoody, and got in the stadium the whole of the lower tier was full, completely
unexpected as some of my friends got there later and still got seats.

Anyway, we got in and I spotted that there was a space at the barrier on the left side of the front and I headed for that, and we stood there from ten past 5 until 7 o clock in the rain! It was awful, but there were loads of people round us with brollies so I got shielded a bit, at about ten to 7 I bit the bullet and stripped my wet coat and cardi off and threw on my t-shirt and hoody and….THE RAIN STOPPED!!!! 🙂

The Pet Shop Boys came on first and they were actually quite good, I didn’t know all the songs but I was bopping away and singing what I knew.

The security guard in front of us was quite fun, he was chatting away with us all for a while and then it all started!!!

At quarter past 8 some random bloke came out in to the middle of the stadium and put a countdown on the main screen and everyone started cheering and we did the ten second countdown and the 4 Take That guys came out (Howard, Mark, Jason and Gary)- I would have panicked if I didn’t know how the show was meant to go.

They sang Rule The World on the main stage then moved down to the middle stage to sing Greatest Day and then Mark dedicated a song called
Hold Up The Light to Alice Pyne (if you don’t know who she is, go here http://alicepyne.blogspot.com/) and I got a bit emotional when he dedicated it – it’s one of my fave songs – and I couldn’t get on twitter so txt a friend to tell my other friend about it..and then I started bouncing!! Haha That song was one of my faves at the last tour too. I love it!

Anyway, they then sang Patience, which was good, and then went off to get changed, up to this point they’d all just been dressed kinda normally in trousers and shirts, but that didn’t last long. When “Shine” started they all came back on stage and they had an Alice in Wonderland thing going on…Mark had this feathery jacket and headset on, Gary was on a big wobbly piano, I think Jason had a drum on his back and not sure about Howard, but there was a big caterpillar and dancing trees, and it was really cool…

TT4 then went off, and there was  VT on the screen of the 5 guys, with Robbie in the middle dressed as a White Rabbit, and he was singing “Sgt Peppers” but with different lyrics. He sang “Robbie Williams And The Take That Baaaaaand” and then he jumped from the roof, on bungee wires and landed in the middle of the stage and the crowd went mental! I was jumping up and down, screaming, taking photos. I love him so much.

He sang Let Me Entertain You, with lots of fire and lots of strutting about, then sang a song he made up which had the lyrics: “I just took some coke and sha**ed a whore, that’s what super injunctions are for…” and one of the lines talked about Manchester girls p**sing in the street…lol

He then sang Come Undone, and did a bit of a mix of it with Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

Then he went out on a raised platform and sang above the crowd and let people touch him, and then sang Angels, which was amazing live, and went off.

Then Robbie was finished, it was then time for all 5 of the Take That guys to come out and sing til the end of the night.

While they were getting ready to come out as TT5, there were abseilers climbing all over the backdrop on the stage, I thought they were just all throwing themselves about, but apparently they were positioning themselves in to the “Progress” sign, which is the sign for evolution (small man, getting taller and bigger and then flying away) but I was too close to see this.

They started at the top of the stadium at the front, on little balconies singing The Flood, and halfway through I noticed Mark talking to someone at the top, and then one of the balcony doors opened and a wire came out (one of the bungee wires from earlier) but nothing happened, and all 5 guys had disappeared, and they were still singing. Mark came on the mic and said “don’t worry Manchester, we’re on our way”, and then the song finished and as the next song started they all came out from the side of the stage and carried on as normal. What I found out yesterday is that Mark, Jason, Gary and Howard were meant to be lowered on their balconies, from the top of the stage to the bottom, and Robbie was meant to be attached to the Bungee cords again and be lowered upside down, head first (like an upside down Superman) on to the stage, but obvs this didn’t happen.

They sang SOS and Underground Machine on the main stage, and then went out to the centre stage to sing Kidz. This looked really good, I couldn’t see it properly, as it was on the middle stage, but from what I saw it looked like a chess board with dancers dressed in black and white, 2 of TT were in black, 2 in white and Mark was in black and white. There was a little dance break in the middle aswell where Jason and Howard were
dancing against each other and Robbie was rapping to Rudebox, he was being very very rude aswell. Lots of swearing.

Part of the set was a robot which was behind the main stage, and started to come alive during different bits of the show. They sang Pretty Things  while they were sat on the robots hands and had a ballerina on the stage with them.

Then they went back to the Olden days and did a medley of A Million Love Songs, Babe, Everything Changes and Back for Good, with Gary on Piano, Jason on Guitar and the others just singing.

One of my fave parts of the night was next, they sang Pray all the way through and even did the dance. I’ve seen TT4 3 times since 2006 and it was good, but it was even better with Robbie singing and dancing during the old songs. And Everything Changes is one of my fave Robbie based songs, it was great to see him dancing aswell though.

The Robot, Om, started to come to life a bit more now. It was half lay down, and TT were standing on it, as they sang Love Love, and they were dressed in black and LED lights all over them and the robot carried them out to the middle of the stage where they all stood together as a five piece and sang Never Forget, as the Robot moved from lying down to standing up. Again, I loved this song on the previous tours, but it was so much better with Robbie singing with them again.

They said goodnight then and went off but came back a few mins later for an encore. The encore songs were No Regrets (the
Robbie song, but the whole band sang it), Relight My Fire (this was quite good, but the staging wasn’t as elaborate as previous tours) and then they sang Eight Letters…this is a new song, from the Progress album, but it is such a good song, and talks about how they all fell apart a few years ago, but they are back now and love each other again.

Getting out of the stadium was crazy, my legs were aching like mad and it was so painful to walk, but I made myself go back and get another t-shirt. I wanted a grey vest saying “standing on the edge of forever…” but they were sold out so I ended up getting an equally cool t-shirt saying “Look Back Don’t Stare” – I love it and will be wearing it in Florida in Nov.


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