Conventions – UK by Lauren

UK Conventions, also a few other international ones I have heard of

So I have spoken to a few people about the conventions I have been to and they never knew they existed! I didn’t know they existed until a little under a year ago and I have been to 3 so far. So I thought I would list the conventions and companies in the UK. All four of us have been to more or more of these conventions so please feel free to ask us any questions!

Massive Events

Eternal Twilight – Twilight

London Film and Comic Con – Sports, Film, TV


Bitten – True Blood

The Hub – Torchwood

Wrap – Star Trek

Hallohedon – Buffy & Angel

Chevron – Stargate

ME also have more but thats just the name a few. I have been to two Eternal Twilights and I have my 3rd in October 2011. Excellent company!


Rogue Events

Asylum – Supernatural

Aecon – They also do Supernatural conventions in Germany.

Insurgence – The Vampire Diaries


G1 – First Glee Con!

T3 – The Sarah Connor Chronicles

L9 – The L Word

Vampire The Ball – True Blood, Angel, Buffy and Moon Light, Being Human and Forever Knght


A few others I know about;

Ringcon (Germany) – A mixture of Twilight, TVD, Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter etc.

Twilight ItaCon (Italy) – Twilight

Creation Entertainment (USA) – Twi Tour – Twilight


There are many many more out there. These just are the ones I have heard of! I won’t post links because there are far to many!

Also if you know of any more please comment below!


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