Supernatural Season 6 Ep 1 – Sort of review/blabble by Lauren

You know I have waited so long for this series! I have watched SPN from the very beginning. I own all the boxsets and I even went to a SPN Convention where I got to meet, Jared, Jensen, Cindy Sampson, Brock Kelly, Richard Speight, Fred Lehn and Mark Shepard. A few spoilers were announced during the convention but I just closed my ears. A lot of people watched this season online which I normally do with other shows such as TVD, Glee, PPL and Gossip Girls but for SPN I have to watch on a large screen with surround sound!

I’m not going to review all the episodes but I am just to excited I though I would share my thoughts on episode 1.

First thought was OMG what is going on with Dean’s hair?? Its sooo not Dean its Jensen. But then again Dean is living a family life so he is different but I wasn’t a fan! I loved seeing Dean playing happy families. The tables seemed to have turned. Sam was the one who couldn’t accept being a hunter and wanted a normal life. Now Sam has gone and Dean is playing happy families its very weird. I didn’t like it so I’m glad it didn’t last long!

I was soo excited in the first few scenes. The yellow eyes demon made a return and I was so excited I said to my mother, I’ve met him – He serenaded me with a weird song! Dean was so vulnerable and I just wanted to scream Sam where are you!!

So yes Sam returned – not alone but with other hunters. These hunters were in fact Dean and Sam’s Grandfather! A few distant cousins and whatever. I did not trust Sam or his Grandfather. But then I realized Sam was Sam and not Lucifer (For now anyways). But I still do not trust the Grandfather.

The episode in its self was rather slow but who cares! I waited months for this so I can handle it. Immediately after the episode I wanted to pick up my Macbook and watch it online. Believe me it took all my strength not too!

Only 5 more days until episode 2!!


Did you watch it? What did you think? Comment below!


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