Radiance Alyson Noel- By Lauren

First a big thank you to Macmillian who kindly sent us this book to read! I love the cover of this. It was exactly what I pictured the Bridge to look like and exactly my view of Riley and Buttercup.


So the first line says it all “ Most people think that death is the end”. You would know about this book if you have read Evermore – the first book in The Immortals Series. Riley had a big part in book one but phased out in the next 4. I was really looking forward to this and I wasn’t disappointed. It was such an easy read, it was from the point of view of Riley who is 12 years old so it was really simple and fun to read.

I had a lot of giggles through this it was rather funny. Totally spot on with what a 12 year old would say. Riley is fearless and think’s she can handle anything!

I loved how Alyson has captured my thoughts on what the other side would be lie! I hope people do after a so called job and have a reason for being there. Riley’s reaction to her first job is hilarious, now that she has crossed the bridge she thinks she’s invincible and when she gets the chance to go back to the earth plane she cannot contain herself! I loved the reference to Buttercup and other dogs. Totally made me smile 🙂

I’d like to think Radiance and Summerland is real. Every one has a part to play where the dead help the living and the in betweeners. Just goes to show the other side isn’t perfect as we see as Riley sort of bullies her guide!

My idea od the other side is what ever dreams you have on earth that are not fulfilled, you will get the chance to do so if you cross the bridge! Ok so now I’m babbling on about my view of crossing the bridge but I can’t help it this story is so sweet! I cannot wait for Shimmer! However this book is short and would be perfect for a teen but I had fun reading it!

I would give this 4/5 for the pure pleasantness of reading it!


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