Dark Flame Review – Alyson Noel By Lauren



So Dark Flame is the 4th book in The Immortals Series. If you have my reviews of books 1-3 you  will know my feelings. I am bored. Evermore and Bluemoon were fab, Shadowland a bit bland  and Dark Flame well it felt like it was just another stop gap to keep us going until something  happens.


The plot of this books came across as a game of cat and mouse. I say It’s boring, it was boring to  an extent. I didn’t feel the need to read every single line, I kinda just had to skim through the  pages. I was looking for something to happen!



A few of my previous questions were answered about Jude and Roman. I hate hate hate Haven. Argh that girl!! We also found out about Roman’s past. I don’t know why it took so long for Ever to do what she did to find out. Oh and we found out the truth about Ava. I still don’t trust her.

So i’m not going to go on and on about it. A few friends have said keep going its worth it and I’m thinking really? I may sound harsh but I have read many series where I just became bored. I am still waiting for something to happen! The ending was disappointing and I really don’t want to read Night Star nothing from Dark Flame made me run and pick up the book but I heard its the best. All I want to know is will Damon and Ever be truly together?

I think the movie will be better than the books in this case. I am going to stop rating these books out of 5 because I will rather rate the series when I am finished to give it a fair review.

So I have picked up Night Star this morning, lets see if my opinion changes!


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