Think you’re a Twihard? Think again! Nutty Madam is the biggest Twihard ever!

Do you think your a Twihard? Think again! Nutty Madam is the biggest fan out there!

Emma started making You Tube videos recording her reactions to the first viewing of the Twilight Trailers!

I met Emma just under a year ago at a Twilight Convention and I can say she is nicest, sweetest and funniest person ever! I love watching her video’s! She has also been on a few shows including Peaches Geldolfs OMG where Jackson Rathbone and Chaske Spencer sent her a video message!

People tend to judge Twihards. They say we are weird and need to get a life! But are we hurting anybody? NO! I for one have met some of my best friends through Twilight and I wouldn’t change a minute of the experience! Theres no difference from being obsessed with Emmerdale then there is to being obsessed with Twilight. The reason why we get hated on is because people who do not like or understand the hype behind Twilight realize that the fan base is huge and non fans hate the fact that we are so loyal that we the fans make sure they win all the awards because they deserve it!

So follow @NuttyMadam and watch her video’s and if you live in Australia listen to Hot30 today and if you in Canada listen to KissFM tomorrow!!


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  1. Agreed. Love Emma 🙂


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