“Thor” Movie Review – by Kimi

I’m a huge comic book film geek, and I’d been excited to see this film ever since
it was announced. I went to see this film on the same night as seeing Fast and
the Furious 5, and it started at about 11pm. I was hoping that the film would
be very exciting, and it’d keep me awake for the whole film, and it didn’t disappoint.

The casting of the characters was very well done. I adored Chris Hemsworth as Thor.
I think he was the perfect person to play Thor. He was very funny, his delivery
of some of the lines made me laugh out loud. Tom Hiddleston was brilliant as
the evil younger brother Loki. My fave scene of his was when he was actually
dressed in “normal clothes” on Earth. I audibly gasped in the cinema during
that scene, and my friend laughed at me.

Stellan Skarsgard, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and Idris Elba were
all incredible too, and I love that Agent Coulson was back for this film.

What I really enjoyed about the film was the fact that it wasn’t overrun with
mythology. There were lots of mythological references obviously, but it didn’t feel
like a Norse History lesson. It was a very fun, interesting and hilarious film.
The action scenes were brilliantly shot, and I think Kenneth Branagh has just
been bumped up to my favourite director of all time.

In summary, this film is a must see for fans of comic books, and for non-comic
books fans too. Brilliant cast, hilarious dialogue, love story, and Thor takes
his top off – Bonus!


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  1. Its great to see someone enjoyed it as much as me!!! I LOVE Marvel mainly xmen but went to see this anyway and was soooo impressed and have become obsessed with Loki!!! Can’t wait for The Avengers Film next year!!! Great review!!


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