Ronan Parke Britains Got Talent Rumours – All Revealed!

On Tonights “Britains Got Talent” Semi Final Ant and Dec were introducing the judges and when it came to Simon, he was upfront about the rumours that were circulating the internet. Simon Cowell, who owns a record label and tv company as well as others explained the untruth of the rumours that had been the centre of media attention throughout the week. The rumour was that Ronan Parke, a 12 year old contestant on the show, had met Simon before the show started and had been signed to his record label for a while. The rumour went further to suggest that Britains Got Talent is a rigged competition and that Ronan is favourite to win so he will win. Cowell spoke on live television tonight defending Ronan saying that he is only a 12 year old child and as he is a contestant on the show, he is going to defend him as someone who organises it.

The Britains Got Talent semi finals are decided by the Public vote, where viewers call in and vote for the contestants they want to see in Saturdays final.


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  1. As soon as I heard the rumours that Ronan had been involved with Simon before BGT, I didn’t believe it. However, I am sceptical about other aspects of BGT and think that the judges probably word their comments in such a way to manipulate voting. Had Simon not criticised the use of fire in Razy’s act, he probably would have won. In my humble opinion! 🙂


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