Lauren’s thoughts on Jamie Cambell Bower as Jace in TMI.

  1. I didn’t imagine JCB as Jace never mind any one else. When I read TMI, I visioned someone whom I have made up so I can never say “I would like such and such to play that person”.
  2. If Cassie Clare has agreed that JCB is the right person for the character then who are we to complain? After all she did create Jace. She knows more than the rest of us who Jace is.
  3. We shouldn’t judge before we buy, yes I know plenty of people who petitioned Alex or Charlie as Jace but lets face it didn’t work out for whatever  reason so can we move on?!  JCB has been cast and I’m sure with a fan base as big as this he knows the pressure and will not let us down.
  4. We do not know what happened in his audition nor do we know the prep behind becoming Jace so how can we know if he will do Jace justice or not??

So lets just wait until we see the movie for our reviews. Everyone is titled to their opinion but come one lets view before we review!


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