The Forest of Adventures – Katie M John By Lauren

I found Katie M John on twitter and checked out her website. I was curious but a bit skeptical I’m    not a big fan of the fairyland. However I was intrigued so I went and bought it. I am so glad I did  because I LOVED it!!

For my reviews I write a diary of feelings and thoughts at the time of reading. First thought was  excellent start, I was pulled in straight away. The beginning was “normal” as in no fairyland tricks  yet so I knew it wasn’t just all about The Realm.

I loved Mina and Sam, they are so sweet but I knew where that was going. My first thought’s of Blake were he is too good to be true,  he is romantic, sweet and gorgeous! I loved the value’s that were brought into this book. The moral’s Blake held were really sweet and warming.

I was surprised by Sam, (I am trying to hard to keep spoilers out of this but it’s so hard) he wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought maybe that some his decisions would be one of the plots but I was wrong. So I am not going to mention any more specifics because I will end up writing spoilers. One thing I will point out is the moment in the Meele/mercy fight, I had no idea what was to come, I was shocked! I loved the symbolicalness of everything in that chapter. The romantics of “Favors” made me go awwww! I am just very excited about this! I want to discuss it with someone! Note to Dayna: Hurry up and finish it!!!

The whole book flowed really well there was no complicated elements to it at all. It was truly enjoyable to read. The one worry I had about this was that I would find it hard to believable but I was proven wrong. I believed everything! I have never been a big history buff but I loved the Arthurian Legend elements to this book, It has made me want to go to the library and find out more! It had a bit of a Meg Cabot feel to it when she wrote Avalon High. I wasn’t a fan of that it was a bit too far-fetched for me but there was something in The Forest of Adventures that pulled me into their world. I want to take a day trip to The Realm!! Oh and I want to ride Lancelot please 🙂

One thing that made me giggle was the fact the when reading the relationship between Mina and her mother, it made me realise mothers aren’t always right! Always follow your heart!!

I have tried reading a few fairy/fantasy/fairyland stories but I just thought I was too old for them but this book has shown me I am not! I cannot wait for the second installment.

Overall I would rate this 4/5, Go get it now! Don’t forget to follow Kate on Twitter! @KnightTrilogy ** Check back for an interview with Katie and a special giveaway very soon 😀 **


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