L.J. Smith Fired From Writing The Vampire Diaries? By Dayna

I had no idea this had happened until a friend on Twitter pointed me in the direction of an interview that Pam at Bookalicious had with L.J. Smith.

Upon reading it, I’m all teary and appalled and angry about how her publishers have treated her. They may have pulled the strings in the beginning but in the end she was gutsy enough to finally do things her way and I applaud her for that. Now, for whatever reason, the publishers have employed a ghostwriter to continue with the series. TVD is L.J.’s creation and should be written the way she envisioned it. I, for one, will not be buying the rest of the series as I know that it just won’t be how the story’s meant to play out. It just won’t be the same and if they plan on attempting to write it in such a way that it ties in with the TV series well it won’t work! How could it? The first seven books of the series would have to be rewritten to fit in with that!

It was clear to see that she was gutted by the news. I wonder though, if the CEO (who wrote a letter to congratulate her on the success of Midnight, and having the series turned into a TV show, and to also inform her he was looking forward to reading The Hunters) wasn’t aware that she had been fired, could he maybe overrule it? Well, it’s a nice thought at least. I can dream huh?

It’s things like this that make me realise that this must be one of the reasons why some authors decide to go independent and I don’t blame them. I think I would too if there are publishers out there who are that corrupt.

Go to Bookalicious to read the interview.


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  1. This just seems plain WRONG to me. I’m yet to dip my toe into the “Vampire Diaries” series but now, when I do, I shall stick to the books and boycott the TV adaptation methinks!


  2. It’s a great series although I prefer the first 4 books. It still shocks me at how different the TV show is to the books. I gotta admit the TV show is pretty awesome.


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