Mean Girls 2 Review – Steph

So who else was excited when they announced there was going to be a “Mean Girls 2”? I was. It brought back childhood memories of the Burn Book and Amanda Seyfried thinking that her boobs could predict the weather.

Mean Girls 2, like the original, focuses on a new transfer student named Jo Mitchell. Jo’s father repairs and races motor cars for a living and her mother passed away when she was young. When Jo first joins North Shore High she is met by Alley, the school loser and without knowing who she is, Jo becomes friends with her after Alley gets publicly humiliated by the plastics. When Jo takes Alley home her father makes Jo an offer she cannot refuse: she needs to be Alleys best friend and in return she will get college paid for along with all the textbooks she will need.

Alley and Jo become best friends and decide to go to war with the plastics, by creating a team named “The Anti-plastics” Jo thinks she can get North Shore to become Plastic free…She does this by trying to break the plastics apart.  However in her quest to try to become popular, bring down the plastics and be Alleys best friend she does not realise that she is becoming something like the plastics herself. Jo begins to get a thrill out of humiliating the plastic and becomes weight and look conscious, which has the consequences of loosing her boyfriend, getting expelled from school and losing her best friend.

The two teams (Plastics and Anti Plastics) decide to end their feud over a football match – part of the reason of doing this is to prove that Jo is innocent as she was framed by the head plastic that she stole the schools prom fund.

So, i am not going to tell you how this film finishes as you can find that out yourselves. I personally prefer the original “Mean Girls” as i thought this sequel was full of cheese and cheap jokes, but perhaps film companies need to do this to appeal to the younger age audiences. This film also didn’t have a star studded cast like Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams.


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