Gossip Girl S4 Review (Part 2) – By Steph

Hey Guys, thanks for checking back for Part 2 of my series 4 Gossip Girl review! ( Missed part 1? Click here)

So last review we got as far as Everyone going back to New York and about to start college.

So in the first part of the series we focus on a girl named Juliet, who has strong passion for “bringing Serena down” In the episode titled “Undergraduates” we see her first attempt of her preventing Serena from joining the Hamilton House Sorority, but Blair and Serena soon find away to expose Juliet’s scheming ways. Meanwhile, Chuck brings home his French girlfriend Eva, who we spoke about in the last review, however, Chuck does not want to introduce Eva to the family as she does not know of his true past. Another revelation that we face is the truth behind Georgina and Milo as Georgina tells Dan about it. Juliet and Nate start a fling and carry on to be together throughout the majority of the series.

Blair is trying to find a way of breaking up the relationship between Chuck and Eva and starts digging up Eva’s past, she soon finds out that Eva used to be a prostitute and then tries to expose her, she tries on several attempts to break them up but when she is successful it starts a war between herself and Chuck. Juliet’s attempts to bring Serena down further continue by posting to Gossip Girl that Serena has an STD and the later on siding with Vanessa – Vanessa wanted to find out if Serena and Dan slept together and after looking through Serena’s phone Juliet finds out that they did not! However, Juliet and Vanessa send an email to a teacher from her phone offering sex for grades…and it’s goodbye Columbia for Serena!

Blair and Chucks war really heats up when Little J or Jenny Humphrey returns to NYC for a fashion interview. After finding out that Jenny has returned Blair sabotages her interview by ruining her clothes collection…furious after finding out what Blair had done, Jenny posted over Gossip Girl that she slept with Chuck! SCANDAL! During all of the Drama Serena finds a new love, Colin, a man who mysteriously puts girls in cabs each day…after the fling begins she soon finds out that Colin is her professor from College and they try and resist their feelings for each other. Serena and Nate become worried about Chuck and Blair’s “ War” and gets them to create a Peace Treaty so Blair’s 20th Birthday Party won’t be in jeopardy…But, someone else spoils it for her….

Juliet and Vanessa’s scheming continues when they take photos of Serena and Colin in a “warm embrace”, Nate also finds out that Juliet has been lying about where she lives and finds out that she isn’t from a wealthy background like himself and his friends, but is actually poor with rented designer clothes. To make scheming even worse – Jenny joins in! the three girls plan against Serena at Chucks Masquerade Saints and Sinners Ball, where Serena is trying to make a decision between Dan and Nate and putting her feelings behind her. The girls scheme against her by showing up in exactly the same clothes, mask and hair as Serena, but before Serena actually gets there. They lead both Dan and Nate on by kissing them, leaving Serena in an awkward place later…Even worse – Juliet drugs Serena by placing a solvent solution inside of Serena’s mask! Serena wakes up in a place that she has never seen before with no clue of what has happened!

Check back soon for Part 3! There will probably now be 5 parts to this review due to the amount that I am writing each time, I know right now it seems like a summary, but trust me, I am trying to refresh everyone’s memories before I give the proper review part in parts 4 and 5! J


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