Dead Beautiful – By Lauren

The girls at SLoFL received a copy of this book from the publisher. This sat on my desk for a few weeks before I picked it up. I kept staring at the cover thinking, what could it be about? I absolutely loved the cover! Second thing I loved about it before I read it was how the chapters were named! Not many books do this anymore and I miss it. The chapters kind of give you “This is what this chapter is about, can you guess”.

I think from the 3rd page I was instantly hooked. I could never imagine the pain Renée went through. I instantly liked Renée. I can normally kind of sense what way a book is going after the first few chapters but with this one I couldn’t. I just wanted to know more!

I saw the school bit coming, the name Gottfried Academy kind of gave it away a bit like Hogwarts! lol I giggled a lot through her arrival at the school, especially when her grandfather said the academy will give her a “Classical Education” I heard myself saying yeah right!

The descriptions of everything in this book were phenomenal. I literally didn’t have to close my eyes and imagine to be there. The picture was already in front of my eyes with each word I read. The descriptions of the architecture, the Latin language and greek mythology was amazing! A lot of research would have been needed as I believed every word of it!

The only way I can describe this book is by saying a murder mystery with a supernatural unexpected twist! At first I didn’t trust Dante, I actually didn’t fully trust him until right at the end! I did not expect the ending at all! I was like hang on! Am I reading this right? I had to go back several pages to re cap!

I have to say I have never ever read a book like this before. It has been the best book I have read since The Hunger Games. I never thought I would get into books like this, a bit far fetched for my poor imagination but I would recommend this to everyone!

I am so excited for the sequel!!!

Oh and Mrs Lynch totally reminded me of Mrs Trunchball from Matilda!!

I rate this 5/5 plus more!!

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  1. Finished Dead Beautiful! Great book! I didn’t expect that ending either, I had to reread it to be sure I got it right hehe!
    And I just love the subjects they study at Gottfried! I’ve always wanted to study Latin.
    Thanks again for the giveaway!


  2. That great! So glad you enjoyed it! I can’t wait for book 2! Stay tuned for some more giveaway’s!


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