Gossip Girl S4 Review (Part 1)- By Steph

Calling all gossip girl fans! you have to agree with me that this season has been a shocker – the romances, the business, the setting!!
Starting in Paris and ending in New York, this twists and turns of series 4 have been quite unexpected.

For those who are all for Blair – what do you think about her and Louis? will it last? we first meet them in an art gallery in the heart of Paris and the Prince casually asks her on a date not giving away his identity, falling for the idea of meeting her Prince Charming, Blair is on top of the world! but wait, does she really know that he is the Prince? obviously not as when he collects her for her date he pretends to be the Prince’s driver….so, by this point Blair is not very happy and as you can imagine, since this was a double and Serena got the ”Prince” she was once again jealous of her best friend. Unluckily for Blair the date ends in disaster, and she returns back to New York to start college.
and for those who are a bit in love with Chuck – after we had been crying for the cliff hanger of series 3 we find Chuck either has amnesia…or is he deliberately forgetting the ”Old Chuck”? Chuck has been found by a blonde French girl who is completely in love with him, but after realising that Serena is on his back, Chuck decides to flee back to New York – WITH his new love.
And if you are more into Serena –  She starts on a summer break, best friends with Blair…but soon everything changes for Serena when she receives a package saying that she has got a place in the same university as Blair. Blair wanted to go to a different university as she didn’t want to live in the shadow of Serena, and when she finds out – through someone other than Serena, she is FURIOUS! this causes her to push Serena into a fountain!  However this feud lasts a matter of minutes as they make up quicker than expected. When Serena returns home she is still faced with a dilemma – should se be with Dan, or Nate?

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