The Vampire Diaries, Season 2 Review – By Steph

Last season on TVD we found out that Stefan and Damon are vampires, Elena looks exactly like Katherine, who was Stefan and Damon’s lover in 1864.
I think we can all safely agree that this season of TVD has had a great deal of twists, turns and surprises along the way…first we had Caroline being turned by Katherine – oh yeah – she got out of the tomb! and from then on chaos unravelled for Elena, Stefan and Damon. The main plot line for this series has been based on ”The Originals” – Elijah and Klaus. We first meet Elijah when Elena gets kidnapped by two of Elijah’s henchmen – one of whom is Rose, who later has a fling with Damon! However, Elena gets saved and Elijah gets ”killed”.
There are also many romances that spark, such as Bonnie and Jeremy! and you could argue that there is something between Caroline and Tyler, who accidentally activates his werewolf side!
okay, i am going to go back to the main plot-line now as i don’t want to waffle on forever!
Once everything seemingly goes back to normal, Elijah comes back ”from the dead” – that’s when the Salvatore brothers learn that Klaus is coming after Elena and that it would be very hard to kill an original.Between this and when Klaus appears there is a lot of betrayal – for example, Isobel comes back and goes against her and Katherine’s deal in order to save her daughter, Elena. Also, Katherine supposedly teams up with Stefan, Damon and Elena but they don’t know that Elena has teamed up with Elijah to form a bargain – she would go through with the sacrifice while Elijah will target Klaus. Meanwhile the Salvatore’s and Bonnie find an alternate way to help Klaus – which is a great advantage, they learn that Bonnie is able to channel enough power to kill Klaus! Towards the finale Elijah, Stefan and Damon start co operating and begin to plan….
But then, something surprising happened – KLAUS IS REVEALED! but it’s not who you would expect, as Isobel distracted Alaric so one of Klaus’ witches can switch Alaric and Klaus’ bodies.So Alaric is Klaus…for the time being. Klaus chooses the slyest of settings to emerge, the school 60s night! So, as he comes after Elena, Bonnie decides to use her powers although she knows that if she kills Alaric’s body, Klaus will still survive but just pick another body to possess……..So, what to do?
finale time! – almost!
Elena asks Elijah about the sacrifice and finds out that Klaus needs a vampire, werewolf and the dopelganger…she also finds out that the ‘Sun and Moon’ curse is fake, and the real curse is that Klaus is half werewolf, and to activate his dormant werewolf side, the sacrifice needs to take place!
So, Elena decides to go through with the sacrifice – the Damon’s dismay….but Damon takes this a little too far and feeds Elena his blood – meaning that she will come back to life..but as a vampire! Elena is devastated and refuses to forgive him. Klaus chooses his werewolf and vampire and there are some surprising decisions that get changed, with consequences….Klaus’ first choice for a werewolf was Tyler – but as Damon tries to save him he.gets.bitten!
so the sacrifice takes place and some beloved characters die, gearing up for a major cliffhanger at the end of the series…….so i am not going to go in to the actual finale – as i believe i should add that when season 3 begins!
throughout this series there has been some outstanding acting – especially from Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham. I would like to congratulate the whole cast on this amazing series – looking forward to season 3! 🙂
if you are not usually a vampire/werewolf fan – i would give TVD a try as it is not like twilight – it is a lot more adult! and real!


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