Water For Elephants – By Steph

Today I indulged myself and bought  a ticket to see Water for Elephants at my local cinema. This beautiful screenplay starred Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.

When i first thought of ”Water for Elephants” i expected a romantic escapism for me and my mum to enjoy – that AND Robert Pattinson of course!  The first 15 minutes of the film was lovely and easy to watch and you could easily get the plot (you could quickly figure out that the man you see at first is Rob’s character Jacob, only older).The film transitioned perfectly into a flashback of Jacobs earlier life but soon after that the film took a dramatic turn and became something that was quite violent,filled with beatings and punishment..but don’t let that put you off – because the beauty of the story is yet to come. I am trying not to give off major spoilers here – as i appreciate the fact that some people may be reading this review, deciding whether to go and see it or to buy the DVD or so on..

Once Jacob joined the circus, you expect something wrong to happen straight away – that was the impression i got, especially from knowing about the runner of the circus ”August” was the villan of the film. To my surprise, however, August seems to be nice, being hospitable towards Jacob, and this is what leads Jacob to his veterinary work with the animals, especially one of the most beautiful characters i have ever seen – Rosie the elephant. Although i would try and sell this film to you as much as i can, something that did upset me about it was the animal cruelty within it, and i would say that realistically if you are a major animal lover and completely against animal cruelty, i would not recommend this film to you. As Rob and Reese’s characters interact with this amazing creature an inevitable romance flourishes which when revealed to August, who is Marlenas (Reese) husband, the film brings up another social and increasing problem – domestic violence. The film later unravels further and different options become available to Jacob and Marlena, but there are obstacles in their way such as August’s band of circus thugs. Towards the end Jacob and Marlena manage to get themselves out of the circus – but only by the strands of their hair! (is that a weird expression?)

I am not going to give away any more plot but i would definitely like to congratulate the cast on their amazing acting efforts and made this screenplay a beautiful one to watch..now all that’s left to say is – GO SEE, GO BUY! GO GO GO!

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