Canvas Warriors – My new favourite store!

Well if you haven’t heard of Canvas Warriors where on earth have you been?

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandira Reddy at Eternal Twilight 5 . I’ve been so intrigued by her work from viewing her online store  and hearing that she would be at Eternal Twilight 4. I had never actually gotten the chance to view her items at ET4 due to the queues!!!

At Eternal twilight 5 I made sure I was there first to make sure I got to see all the goodies on offer! The first item that caught my eye was the Caroline necklace from The Vampire Diaries I fell in love with it and me and my friend managed to get the last two!!! Look how gorgeous it is, It also holds real VERVAIN inside and at £12 its a bargain!!!

I have worn it that much I am due a new one 🙂

Next up was the Charm Bracelets omg I was in my element!! I just had to get one. But what? There was so many things to pick from it was soooo hard! There was everything from Harry Potter to The Vampire Diaries to Twilight. Everything you could imagine was there! I settled on something simple yet beautiful. Everything is hand-made and my bracelet was made in front of me and ready to wear!!! Designing your own bracelet won’t break the bank either! Charms and beads range from 10p to £2. In total this cost me £18.

Then I got talking to Sandira about the hoodies. She explained that you can basically pick anything you want to customize it. So I went ahead an ordered my Team Paul hoodie. On

Friday it arrived!!! And I absolutely love it!! I later found out that it is the first Team Paul hoodie they had means which means…..Its one of a kind!!! So go visit Canvas Warriors and follow them on twitter @CanvasWarriors


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Hi I'm Dayna. I love to read and shop! Books, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Love all things handmade. I beta/proofread and review products upon request.

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