The Vampire Diaries – By Lauren

The Vampire Diaries Books 1-6 – LJ Smith

Stefan’s Diaries Volume 1 Origins & Volume 2 Bloodlust

Smith is one of my favorite author’s. I had read many of her book and loved them all!

Books 1 through to 6 are amazing. I read these about two years ago, I loved it. Then the show started and there was hardly any similarities. I had to stop watching the show as I wasn’t getting confused. The books are great but after watching the show I realized I did prefer the show.

More so recently got Stefan’s Diaries Volume 1. I felt like I had waited so long for the new books, I lost interest. I had to read it out of loyalty. I didn’t really enjoy it. There wasn’t much in that I didn’t know from the show. The show recently showed flash backs to when Katherine came into town and how Stefan and Damon became vampires. The books gives off a different vibe of the brothers from the show. I am love Damon in the show and books but I found myself hating Stefan more so in the books. I have no idea why but the characters were very different I actually started to despise Stefan and love Damon more.

I decided I had to read volume 2. It was boring, slow, and i literally forgot to read it. The story was just about Stefan being a hero and Damon being Damon. I didn’t think it was a true portrayal of the characters. I felt like Smith favored Stefan. Then again they do belong to her! I found LJ smiths writing change throughout the story. It was almost like she lost heart possibly? I know around the time there was a lot in the news about her being cut out from any involvement in the show I don’t know the full story but it was like she had to tell the stories of their early life’s but did we really need it? I wanted to know about the present!

The books showed a big big difference between the show. I know it cant be identical but i expected a resemblance. I had spoken to a lot of TVD fans that didn’t want to or have tried to read the books. I am the type of person who likes to read the books before the show or movie. However in this instance I prefer the show. I won’t be purchasing volume 3 of the diaries however I may purchase book 7 just to see what happens as there was quite a cliff hanger at the end of 6. Whether or not I can sit down and read it is a different review!

Update: After watching the second half of series 2 of the show, more resemblance has been shown between Elena and Klaus!! I am kind of hoping it is following the books story line. However Damon’s storyline was not in the book 😦

I rate books 1-6 : 3.5/5

The Dairies 2/5.


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