City of Fallen Angels – By Lauren

Below are my thoughts on Cassie Clares CoFA.

Dayna was actually the person who recommended this series to me. I completely fell in love with the story. I    bought the first 3 as an EBook and had them on my Iphone so it meant that I read them all in a week. I think I must   have charged my Iphone 4 times a day!

I won’t go into detail about The Mortal Instruments as Dayna has already done so. However I wanted to put a few of my opinions forward.  So, I loved Clary and all the twists of her family, the story was very unique. This series will always be one that got me back into believing paranormal romance stories. However we are now on the 4th book with various pre sequels I am slightly bored.

Yes I love the stories but I am starting to get a bit bored of it. There are far too many characters in this, which is getting confusing as their stories don’t always match from book to book. Jace is forever whining and complaining. Yes we know about his life and past but seriously he just needs Clary to shake him and say “Grow up Jace!!”.

However the bit of this book that I love is, Maia and Kyle. I am intrigued by this story line. I want to know more about their past and I want to know if the will ever be together again? I want it to be the City of Maia and Kyle! I also love Simon, no one could ever not love him. I have loved following him from City of Bones where he was a small part in this huge story but now he has evolved and I absolutely adore him! Alec and Magnus are still so funny. These two really make me laugh so hard. So this also now going to be a movie. I am pleased because I actually think Clare is out of her depth a bit now with the amount of people wanting her to carry on this story quickly I feel like it has been rushed and it is going downhill. I actually think this is one instance where the movie will be better than the book. Let’s wait and see.

I would have rated City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass 4/5

Unfortunately I can only rate this 3/5.


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