City of Fallen Angels – Review By Dayna

 City of Fallen Angels, Fourth Book in The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

I am a huge fan of this series. It has felt like forever waiting for this book (although truthfully not that long. A    year is nothing compared to some) so you can imagine my excitement when I finally had it in my possession.  Admittedly, I squeed just a little. I even took a photo of it and posted it on Twitter to show my friends! Yes,  the series is that awesome that I had to take a photo of the book!

As has already been said, City of Fallen Angels is the fourth installment from the TMI series. Simon is still trying to  come to terms with becoming a vampire. Clary is training to be a Shadowhunter and her and Jace couldn’t be any more in love….or so she thought. Jace is acting weird and distancing himself from her. What could have changed since being back from Idris and what exactly does Camille want with Simon?

The Mortal Instruments series is well known for its’ twists and turns and Cassie has not let us down as CoFA certainly has plenty of twists and turns and keeps us guessing right to the very end. It is so beautifully written. Cassie keeps us constantly on the edge of our seats. She can inject the perfect amount of detail into a scene making it incredibly interesting rather than long winded. When recapping on events in the series prior to this book it is done in such a way that it doesn’t bore the fan but is enough to fill in a new reader on what has already happened if they haven’t read any of the other books before.

I love the new characters that have been introduced and the camaraderie that goes on between Jace, Simon and Kyle/Jordan had me in stitches.

I’m still in shock at the ending and worried about what the future may hold for certain characters. I sooo hope it’s a happy ending. I like my happy endings! City of Lost Souls is the next in the series. I don’t wanna have to wait. I wanna read it NOW.

So to sum it up, CoFA is awesome! Go buy that and the rest of The Mortal Instruments series if you haven’t already. Well? What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

I gave this 5 out of 5!

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