All the Things we didn’t say – By Lauren

All The Things We Didn’t Say by Sara Shepard

I wasn’t really interested to be honest as there wasn’t an immediate plot. I found myself not eager to read it; I didn’t feel the need to pick it up at al. I like books that grasp me straight away and give me the feeling that this book is attached to my hand by an invisible cord sorry to say this book didn’t do that for me.

I decided since I like Shepard and the Pretty Little Lair’s TV program, I was going to finish the book. Any other author I would most likely would have just put the book in the bag for the charity shop. I am glad I didn’t do that after all because it did get me thinking.

I’m not saying this is one of my favourite books because it’s not, and it’s certainly not one of the worst – it’s just not my type. I found that from time to time it jumped around a lot. One moment summer would be talking about something with her father then suddenly she would be thinking about a memory that had no significance to the conversation with her father. I also found that after each part, (it is split into four parts ) there was a diary entry, a sort of letter I suppose. I took me to the end of part three to realise these were diaries entries of summer’s father, even though the book was summer’s story the book didn’t really explain that. I enjoyed parts of the book, they made me laugh out loud, but I kind of didn’t understand where the book was going until part four. From part four, a lot of my questions were answered; I started to think of scenarios and trying to figure out what it was about. Turns out I was wrong, and a tad disappointed.

The book is filled with sadness and humour. It is completely relatable and after I had finished it, it all started to fit together for me. I don’t tend to read these types of books and I think this is why, because I struggled to grasp the point. Overall I did enjoy this book, but I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends. I would have liked Shepard to perhaps finish the book a bit better. There are a lot of unexplained things about summer’s life.

I rate this 2/5


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